25 March 2008

back to the future from Leb

six months without a word in the beautiful wwww void
i am attending Rami Khalife's concert tomorrow at Assembly Hall
so see ya on Thursday

27 August 2007


So there I was , among the 7000 people attending Rock en Seine yesterday.

Two things: ohmyGodwhatacrowd! of course, the usual grungysmelly blokes, you know those ones who spend three days in a tent, soaking wet, covered with mud, were there.

AND there weas a rejoicing part of the crowd that was... hot, man! Unfortunately for everyone but me and the RockEnSeinois, i didn't have my camera...

Beautiful outfits (FYI ladies, if you plan to attend an outdoor concert, you'll wear plastic boots and tiny tiny shorts please) on beautiful ass... sorry, bodies. And loads loads loads of lesbian couples popping out of I don't know where... Khay, what a relief!

And then, @21.45, she was there; the stage was beautiful, covered with huge and weird electronic machines and the brass section was entirely a female one!!! yeeeehhaaa!!

She was wearing a delightful butterfly-like dress and sang barefoot as usual. We all went crazy for her. Please listen to "Declare Independence" from the Volta album. Björk, my petit vulcan, I love you!

See ya

27 July 2007

The Kronos Quartet rocks!

I never went to the Saint-Denis basilica until that night when I attended the KQ concert with a friend of mine.

I heard them before in that magnificent place under the summer stars (see picture above) and I understood suddenly what being open-minded means. These guys are basically interested in the present, and in the music that lives into that present. And I love it, just as much as I love Mozart or Tchaïkovski.

Check out their program: I was astonished by the powerful and bright madness of Felipe Pérez Santiago's Encandilado and Terry Riley's Cadenza on the Night Plain, always perfect and genuine. That electric version of the KQ was a bit frightening at the very begining, but I just decided to let go and everything was just perfect!

See ya

2 July 2007

Lou Reed Impact

So many things have been written about the Lou Reed's Berlin show so far. I bought my ticket without knowing what I was about to hear. I trusted my gutt feeling.

Me and my two friends we bought the very last tickets. But we had separated seats.

I was fascinated by the musical environment just before the show began - it is definitely from his meditative new album : a huge transparent curtain hid the stage for a while and beautiful images of a growling river were shown on it. Massive!

And then it all began. What a set! Two hours and I was completely taken away - I just remembered my seat neighbor asking me "Waouw! You came here by yourself?" holding his girlfriend's hand tight -, I forgot about time (which is a big big deal for me), almost space.

It's all about setting a feeling between the stage and the audience. And Lou Reed just made it happen. His unbeatable guitar sound, his unreal strings companions (Steve Hunter, I love you so much!), the smoothness of the young girls' choir, the flute, the violins...

He offered us two come backs and Walk on the Wild Side sounded still the same!

I hope I will soon get to hear such a wonderful live "climat" (in french for... I don't know!), where there is only Life through Music.

Come back soon.. I am going to this concert tonite...

15 June 2007

Michael and his walls

I spent a tremendous evening with one of my childhood friends, who i haven't seen in ages, and her boyfriend. Quickly after dinner, we talked about and listen to the music we loved. "You have to listen to this! Oh, and you, to that!", and so on for two hours.

There is nothing i love more than listening to other people's favourite music. Because every time it happens, i get in touch with tunes that i have forgot about until that very minute when i say "Oh yes, this is sooooo good!". And it happened that night when i heard Michael, you know, the Off the Wall Michael. The three of us agreed that this album is better than Thriller.

Souvenir, souvenir...

See ya!

26 May 2007

Never as good as the first Sade

Nothing new these days, apart from this quite interesting compilation... I much more enjoyed the "Pieces" disc than the "Songs" ones... I am still completely overwhelmed when my ears discovered sounds they've never heard before... Ah, Free Music, love of my life!

Where is Sade? I downloaded my Best of on my MP3 and i am enjoying her smooth voice over and over again... Haunt Me is a must!

Bye for now!

13 May 2007

Send us a breathtaking song!

I was listening quietly to Andy Kershaw Show on BBC 3 on this weird sunday afternoon when my ears, and my heart and body and soul melted in the voice of the astonishing, the sooo moving June Tabor singing Send us a quiet night... Nothing more to say; i have to listen to it again and again and again... and keep on crying and blessing my computer and the WWW for this magical (i mean it, just listen to it!) encounter!!
PS: June Tabor will be live on A.K. Show on monday 14th of April... Be there!

See ya